University of Minnesota Biological Sciences Greenhouse


1534 Lindig St. St. Paul, MN 55108


St. Paul campus of the University of Minnesota

Phone Number


Run by

University of Minnesota


10,000 sq. ft.


No admission fee, tours available with advance notice.

Peak Season


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Garden Type

Glass House and Conservatory


There are nine rooms in this two-armed greenhouse, seven of which house collections of plants of interest to public visitors. The other two rooms are used for University of Minnesota student research. The room devoted to annuals and perennials is a fairly routine greenhouse room. The room devoted to plants with economic value lets visitors see some common and some not so common plants, from familiar tomatoes and broccoli to less familiar cotton and lentils. The temperate room is full of orchids, ferns and a coastal redwood tree. The aquatic room has water loving plants including papyrus, Spanish moss and a Bald Cyprus. There is a tropical room and sub-tropical room containing trees that bear bananas, coffee, figs, mangos, pomegranates and more. The desert room has cactus and succulents, from small to large, growing directly in the ground. The seven rooms of this greenhouse give visitors a quick world tour of plants.

pants in greenhouse
pants in greenhouse
pants in greenhouse
pants in greenhouse
pants in greenhouse
pants in greenhouse
pants in greenhouse