Q. In what hardiness zone is Minnesota?
A. Most of Minnesota is in U.S. Department of Agricultural Plant Hardiness Zones 3 and 4. (Zone 5 conditions can exist in protected areas or micro-cosim environments within the state and Zone 2 exists between Upper Red Lake and Lake of the Woods in northern Minnesota.) http://www.usna.usda.gov/Hardzone/ushzmap.html

Q. What makes a garden a “public” garden ? 
A. Two dictionary meanings of public are “open to all persons” and “serving a community”. These two qualities were necessary for gardens to be listed on this website. Each garden also needed to have predictable hours in which it could be visited.

Q. What are the icons in the upper right hand corner of many of the individual public garden pages ?
A. The icons are symbols representing the various sub-categories of public gardens that have been compiled:

Arboretums = drawing of a tree
Japanese Gardens = drawing of a Japanese tea house
Rose Gardens = drawing of a rose
Glass Houses & Conservatories = drawing of a greenhouse
All American Selections Display Gardens = drawing of American flag
Historic Gardens = drawing of a person
Cemeteries with Notable Gardens = drawing of a cemetery

Q. Is there a way to get specific directions to a particular garden ?
A. Enter the address of the garden you want to visit and the address at which you are starting to get directions and/or a printable map.